Spend your vacation at the shorelines of Langelmavesi, right in the vicinity of the nature preserve of Erapyha.

Top quality vacation spots right at the one of Finland's largest waterways guarantees you an unforgettable and peaceful vacation away from it all.

These above standard log cabins were brought to the market in 2006 and 2007. These hi-quality cabins are meant for year around use and are insulated to confront the coldest weather you might face at the middle of the winter.

We offer you something that traditional cottages for hire right next to a lake and shoreline is extremely rare: privacy, peace and quiet. All our cottages are at least 200 yards a part from each other.

Langelmavesi waterway is dotted with islands and beatyful scenery, it is also excellent for fishing both summer and winter. During winter months we will clear cross-country ski paths on your request to your own cottage where you can easily connect to the large network of ski paths maintained by Orivesi City.

Nature Preserve of Erapyha

Only 1500 yards from our cottages is Erapyha Nature Preserve. It has a 2-mile hiking trail that gives you breath taking views over the lake and vegetation at its glory. You can also book a guided tour thru Erajarvi travel bureau.

About 10 minute drive away is the summer spot Ronni. During the weekends you can enjoy the music of different music groups and dance the night away. Ronni is also very popular among the boating community. So you can either drive there by land or use your boat or one of ours.

Our rent program is based on weekly rentals, but you can also book weekends only, or if you prefer one night only, based on availability.

We would love to welcome you to be one of our regular customers all year around!

Nothing is quite like the serene and calm summer evenings sitting on your private dock and hear absolutely nothing but maybe a bird calling its mate somewhere far away. The warm waters will soothe your troubles away and your mind will rest at ease from the every day grind. During winter you can soothe your body in the warmth of the sauna and admire the early evening blue moment that envelops the whole scenery in its calming colours of blue. Welcome to Maki- Ruokonen Cottages!

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Maki-Ruokonen Cottages

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Maki-Ruokonen Cottages
Gsm. 050 369 4581